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Goa Carniwal

Place :- GOA
Date :- 2014-02-09

Goa Festival will be held from 9th February to 12th February, 2013.

Location    All over Goa, but the best parades are seen in Panaji
Time    February
Significance    Precedes the fasting season of Lent
Highlights    Colorful parades led by King Momo, dance troupes of masked revelers, elaborately decorated floats

The Goa Carnival that is celebrated every year in the month of February is definitely one of the most popular and much awaited festival for the fun loving Goans. This three day event is the place where all the colors of Goa come out in a glorious swagger and sweeps away the local as well foreign folks with its charm and charisma.

Carnival, is a festive season which occurs immediately before Lent; the main events are usually during February. Carnival typically involves a public celebration or parade combining some elements of a circus, mask and public street party. People often dress up or masquerade during the celebrations, which mark an overturning of daily life.

Carnival is traditionally held in areas with a large Catholic and, to a lesser extent, Eastern Orthodox makeup. Protestant areas usually do not have Carnival celebrations or have modified traditions, such as the Danish Carnival or other Shrove Tuesday events.